Saturday, October 31, 2009


happy harvest time. we took a trip to sauvie island and gathered some root vegetables, a pumpkin and a few photos. there is a pumpkin pie in the oven with some spices this dear lady sent to me in the mail. oh, they smell incredible. so, i wanted to tell you about a few things that i love that you may love too! things to look at, peruse... here's a list. some treats for you on halloween~
1. clothing made by my friend (hand dyed, all natural fibers)--i happen to be her model...not sure how i feel about it yet, but i love her clothes.
2. liz's "be present be here" retreat for february.
3. this ladies blog! a local beauty who takes amazing photos and always knows where the best things are happening.
4. a place i visit often that houses some of my favorite art ever~

ok. so just a few little places listed. i thought of more the other day and cannot recall now. i am not surprised judging by the mishaps that have already occurred tonight. remember that pumpkin pie i mentioned earlier? well, i went to add a pan of pumpkin seeds to the oven and forgot what was baking on the top shelf. oh, yes, pumpkin pie! imagine, an oven full of pie filling, not to mention it went onto the pan of seeds! do not fear! i had extra filling and the seeds are now washed and cooked. good thing. i was about to melt into a small sunken pile. i remember my friend steph (mentioned above) telling me about how she once dropped this amazing mushroom frittata she was making all over her kitchen floor. her whole family helped save it with spatulas. it was oh so sweet. i felt better thinking of this story....ayal came to my rescue.....oven is clean, pie is baking..ahh.
i am going to go and carve a pumpkin now. thinking about all of you out there, wondering what you are all up to this eve~


  1. all this talk of good cooking....tonight was a difficult night for lack of such tastiness. he got caught up in the many directions, and his sweetheart, with a deep and pregnant need for lots of good food, got left with the need.

    a beautiful site, and i look forward to its crafting.

  2. So glad you reminded me of Sauvie - we haven't been there yet this fall. And thanks for your introduction to Stephanie's blog. You're right - her photos are lovely.
    Your friend, by the way, couldn't have chosen a better model.

  3. hello fairy girl and fairy boy. beautiful photos, esp the one of both of you. xo

  4. Glad you were able to save the pie, I know it's one of your favorites (happen to have one in my fridge right now). Loved the beautiful picture of you and the Creech--your lovely to look at, but more importantly you love one another well. Love you both---MOMS

  5. so very glad, you were able to recreate your pie, and pumpkin seeds.
    please let me know, how it turned out.
    these photos are lovely, especially the last one.

  6. we baked some seeds too, oh yummy little salty crunchy things! love the picture of you both, two beautiful creatures...ahhh. pixie kisses!

  7. such autumn goodness to be found here:)