Monday, October 12, 2009

a long time~

it has been awhile, yes.
sometimes i think about not returning here as it seems i have so few readers and am mostly just writing to myself.....but i love the creative outlet.
these last few weeks have been such a huge growing experience. i got buried under a pile of work and felt completely overwhelmed. how could i possibly make those hundreds of pieces of jewelry? last week it seemed near impossible. today, it seems all ok. like somehow, it will get done. i do not know how, but i trust the process.
everything i do to nurture myself involves slowing down..
i am reminded of that today as i finish orders and watch out the window as life happens. sometimes it is just so scary to run your own business, to trust that it will all turn out. i am creating mental lists to help this process of slowing down.
things to help :
1. tea
2. journal writing
3. a walk
4. photographing

what helps you slow down?


  1. I have almost up and quit my blog several times for the same reason, "who is reading this thing anyway?" but I persevere because you never know who you may be helping or inspiring.
    I love to sit in nature or watch the trees as a way to help me slow down. Reading and making tea also help. It is amazing what happens in your life when you stop rushing through it.

  2. i adore your blog. each time i come here, i am inspired to keep trying...
    to keep my little business going
    to push myself
    keep balance in my life
    and make time for love, that beautiful, beautiful thing, called love.
    100 pieces? do you know how very proud i am of you? i immensely, proud.

  3. You have more readers than you know. I, for one, read every post, but have become very bad about leaving comments. I guess that's one way that I slow down... I spend less time on the computer than I used to in order to have more time for things like strolls with my camera. Like Christina, I'm amazed at the way you've made your beautiful business blossom since I met you. I hope you stay in this space, but I totally understand the desire to give up on blogging, too.
    Hope all is well and that I bump into you again soon.

  4. selfishly i hope you keep visiting here more and more and sharing what you feel, see, and create. i love visiting and seeing into your beautiful life.

    slowing down... yes! this morning i have been thinking about slowing down and taking more time to do the things i truly love and less time doing the things i dread.
    i took my camera out for a walk in the woods and feel so much better now. now i won't mind spending the rest of the day doing other things that need to get done.
    miss you and wish you could have been with me on my walk... one day!

  5. ooh and i love the photo... it makes me smile & feel grateful for that day.

  6. yes. yes to all of those things. A walk in the fall air is especially soothing on such a rainy morning. Let it wash over me...

    LOVE the picture! Love remembering hearing the story of that day...

  7. Yoga is how I slow down and remembering to take slow, deep breaths.

    The photograph of Misty is so beautiful. You have such a well developed way of seeing. Don't ever go away. We are here, even when too busy to comment.

  8. i love coming here to your little piece of heaven in cyber space - truly, it is one of the ones i look forward to so i hope you stay...sometimes touching even a few people deeply is enough, perfect.

    love the photograph, love the memory of the day.

    how i slow down, it's what i'm practicing right now as well. walking meditation outside, moving each foot with intention, feeling the earth under me, releasing all my mind chatter to the earth through my feet while i breathe.

  9. i think you express really beautifully what so many of us feel about blogging... is there a point to doing it if we are just doing it for ourselves with no one else around?... i do think there is value in that (and you also never do know who might happen on your site one day)... even so, we do want so much to connect with others, whether it is every day or when we come to the computer to express ourselves... i love what you are expressing in this post... i would love to meet you and so many others in person... i do hope you continue blogging... as i have just now clicked through to find you ... :)

    there are many ways i slow down... walking is probably the biggest way for me... walking through a park and listening to the birds sing and feeling the sun and wind on my skin... with every step i am more relaxed, slower, calmer, and remembering to breathe...

  10. What a fabulous photograph!! I slow down by reading, browsing other people's blogs and etsy shops to see what they have been doing and I can feel my breathing slow.

  11. what slows me down..a cup of coffee and looking out my window in the lounge to see the trees and what and who is playing in them and taking images with my camera, which is my third eye(always with me)..lots and lots of images of EVERYTHING because the world is so full of things and questions and ..........