Sunday, September 13, 2009


home from a night spent amongst river and
trees. the morning leading to hot springs 
and breakfast at a cafe we both once knew.
*ayal, my love and i, lived in the same
town once at the same time many years 
before we would ever meet and fall in love.
so, today this is the cafe we sat at, the
one that happened to be in that particular
town where we never actually met. 
we camped last night near a lovely river.
ayal wanted to lead me to it's bank in the
dark. i gave small protests until he gently
took my hand and lead me through the woods.
he was a careful guide, warning me when there
were holes in the path and tree stumps in the
way. safely we reached the waters edge and listened
to the night sounds the river made. someday you
should listen, it is very different than in the
day, softer, deeper.
before i say goodnight i want to invite you to
another new blog home. it is a collaboration
with my close friend liz. an intimate peek
into the lives of two friends in the form of
letters. a adventure i am really loving.
come see. sweetest of dreams~


  1. so this post is like a sweet lullaby to me as i am off to bed in just a moment. thank you for sharing these pieces of you. love this image of you eating in the cafe you might have been at when not yet knowing each other and have now visited while in love. yes. beautiful.
    and love the photo.

    and oh man enveloped is like the best word ever. (would be a good blog name too. yep. hee, hee.)

  2. Gorgeous...and so happy that your time away was full of such wonderful moments.

    And the new space is also gorgeous.


  3. i love this. the trust, the care, the deepness of the night... such beauty.
    i adore the new blog.