Tuesday, September 1, 2009

an evening unfolds

a tuesday evening can look like this:

  1. invited friends over and told them i would cook everything.
  2. found amazing amazing salad recipe here 
  3. our backyard garden provided tomatoes, sage oregano.....toppings for garlic romano bread.
  4. blueberry crisp for desert.
  5. 2 bikes and 2 friends appeared in our backyard and discovered-small farm table, mismatched dishes and candles.
  6. they brought wine.
  7. we talked about dumpster diving. this american life episodes on the radio. hiring someone to work for you for the first time, exciting and scary. handstand competitions for perspective employees and potential party ideas.
  8. photos of friends in candle light.
  9. laughter.
  10. hugs good night and bike lights fading into distance.
  11. what happened on your tuesday night?


  1. You and I enjoy similar things, Jen. Dinners with friends (breakfasts, too), new recipes, wine, dumpster diving/urban recycling... what did you find dumpster diving?

    What did I do Tuesday night? I went for a walk in my favourite local park and discovered a new bridge over a serene canal, saw a baby heron as it flew surprisinly close to me (it's flapping wings were so quiet). Then the heron mama or papa flew by and wow, are they ever big! And graceful. Then it was back home where I made dinner (veggie burittos) and caught up with some blog reading and wrote a blog invitation and then...um...went to bed with my sweetie. It was a quiet night.

  2. *sigh* I'm not telling. I like yours better. :-D

  3. Ahh, deep sigh for beauty. Have I told you how lucky I am that our paths crossed? Oh yes, I am a lucky one. Dumpster diving, food, friendship... were going to get on, just fine, my friend. : )
    Such glorious photos!
    Tuesday* grilled eggplant and mozzerella pizza, took a walk with the love of my life, stopped and got the kids some orange sherbet... Everyone fell asleep in our room, and that's where we remained, until morning. : )

  4. yes,
    i so adore you.
    and this peek into your world.

    sending you love and light in this moment....