Friday, December 4, 2009

TIme Away~

i was gone a little while. wandering. i was not on vacation, although i wish i was. my hands ache from making so many things. i hope for empty spaces filled with inspiration and time, loads of time in january. i need it. i did go to visit friends, but managed to work, because orders were due. we went to seattle one day, three of us. i included a few photos of my walk in the city....

somebody asked me today what i do when i feel like i have been just stuck in the house all day. unable to motivate myself to get out. i told her, i think of places that inspire me and i make myself go to them. for refuge. one of the places i went to one day for inspiration is now a place i am spending two days a week at. another jewelry artist needed some help and so i open her studio/store front and get to work on my own things while i keep the place open until she comes in. i like it, it gets me out of the house. her space is very lovely and so inspiring. wanna peek?

so, as orders wind down, i am making notes of how i want to revamp things. what i want to create.....i've got some ideas up my sleeve. not just jewelry, but art too. i will share as things unfold.

what is everyone out there doing?

i will try not to fall off the face of the earth again. i like being around...i do.

i read some mary oliver poems the other night to a friend while she drew sketches. what a beautiful way to spend time . i know a friend out there who will wish i could come over and read her poems, while we sip tea. her dog would be close by sleeping. a baby growing in her belly would be listening.....just an idea for you all out there.

The Return--Part 1. by Mary Oliver

When I went back to the sea
it wasn't waiting.
Neither had it gone away.
All its musics were safe and sound: the circling gulls
were still a commonplace, the fluted shells
rolled on the shore
more beautiful than money-
oh, yes, more beautiful than money!
the thick necked seals
stood in the salted waves with their soft, untroubled faces
gazing shoreward-
oh, bed of silk,
lie back now on your blackness your fields of sunlight
that i may look at you.
i am happy to be home.

i wish i could come and whisper you a poem~


  1. This post makes me feel like I am right there with you, earth faery. Thank you for a new poem (to me) from Mary Oliver. All your words soothe me and bring contentment. You have a gift for that.

  2. It is good to have you back.

  3. The arrangement at Sword and Fern sounds like such a nice one for each of you. I know all about hard-worked hands, blistering fingers, and cracked skin... here's wishing you a post-holiday month full of rest and rejuvenation.

  4. you warm me. it's as though i can hear you, whispering beautiful poetry to me.
    i send you love, friend.

  5. This is a lovely've captured my thoughts as well. After a particularly busy season of my life, I am yearning for a quiet *away* place. I love Mary Oliver's images.