Thursday, May 21, 2009


  1. a choice. it is a choice. no we cannot change circumstance, but we can choose how we weave through the experience.
  2. a walk into the garden. secret things unfolding.
  3. last night as i begin the creation of a book . realizing how much i like to use black umber paint. just let it wash over everything.
  4. adoring these little cages that came in a package layered with so many gifts i thought i might pee my pants! gorgeous. inspiring. from this dear one.
  5. returning to places i thought were forgotten and finding. finding. 
  6. late talks with a close friend and a smile for roses blooming in our garden.
  7. little shoes to walk along dusty roads.


  1. much about these photos
    that i just love...
    and those little birdcages...
    so sweet!!

  2. I found my way to you via Beth at More Doors. WOW! I am so glad I followed her link. Your images are delicious, like perfect short stories. One glimpse and I'm completely drawn in.