Friday, May 29, 2009

another member

Here is a new member of the family of sculptural dolls. There has been pirate gypsies, quiet fairies, two headed men in crowns and now? A monk? I am not sure what he is, but here he is. He took a rest in the grass and is now living above the fireplace with the rest of the crew. Sometime I will take a family photo.
I have also included some photos of the pages of my wax/cardboard book. It has pieces of bark in it and small paintings. I am trying to remember how to bind it. 
Yesterday I walked in the middle of the street, it was a very busy street. Oh, but don't worry many people were walking there too! It was closed off for an event called " Last Thursday". This amazing event is something like carnival meets canvas. Artists set up selling their wares while musicians, stilt walkers, marching bands, dancers on top of vans, dj's and vaudeville performers have their way with the streets. I love it. I like to go alone, because there is so much to take in and I cannot talk, I can only look in wonder and awe. Who are all of these amazing people I wonder? I use my Diana camera to photograph the stilt walkers, stop to talk to my favorite clothing vendor, compliment a 60 year old on her beauty (she gasps), laugh, listen and go back home to my love to excitedly report my findings. Sigh.

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  1. i love him! and he looks so at home in the grass, i can catch a tiny glimmer of his sweet tummy (i hope he's not offended by this comment) and little belly button. the waxy pages look smooth and inviting, so textural. "last thursday' sounds enchanting.