Tuesday, May 5, 2009


so much is new....but first let me introduce the "origins" line of jewelry from paper wings. i am having fun working with leather and thicker silver....keeping with the organic style of my line.

after much debating i have decided to go on a solo expedition. just me. a dear friend has a house for me to stay in on the big island of hawaii. so in june, off i go. 

in winter or fall i am thinking of going here. to finally complete the body of art i have been working on. i have always wanted to try an artist in residency program. so, why not here? the idea of being totally undistracted and able to just focus on art is very appealing.

wonder what you are up to? new adventures? 

adventures are important.


  1. The new pieces are beautiful...and WOW...just wow on both Hawaii (totally heavenly) as well as the residency. Two absolutely amazing experiences.

    Over here it has all about the boy's 6th birthday. For.the.last.four.days. But, alas, the birthday celebration comes to a close...until next year. :-)

    Hope you are having a wonderful week.xo

  2. love these new pieces! combining the leather - fantastic. can't wait to see them in person at some point.
    you are going to have many wonderful adventures...i just know it.

  3. oh happy solo expedition!
    i am leaping into a brand new life adventure (more details to come...) & i am so excited, inspired & grateFULL.
    in joy,

  4. How incredible! What an adventure you're going to have. Best of luck with it.