Monday, May 9, 2011


i've been on a real design rampage.
busily collecting bits of inspiration.
just back from a visit with family and friends,
below is what i gathered. a total treasure hunt. the stories
are as follows.
item # 1: geometric design earrings, found at a thrift shop
one afternoon while poking around with my dad, who by 
the way is a great shopper!
(much to my moms horror! she thinks they are ugly!)

item # 2: sea urchins given to me by my grandma. they were 
given to her by my great grandma, who was a rock hound. she
kept them in an old blue jar above her kitchen cupboards.

item #3: refer to item # 2

item #4:  wing earrings excavated from a etsy shop

item # 5: beautiful crocheted necklace, made by my dear mom
in an hour last night!

item #6 Charm from an Ethiopian store in Seattle. I found this
little place with my dear friend by way of an Ethiopian
convenient store. 

item # 7 Necklace once purchased by my grandmother
who promises it was expensive and a splurge. Looks
 rather fabulously 1980's to me! 

So, as you can see I am finding bits of beauty in
even the most odd of places. 


  1. sooo much good is going to come out of this study!! I can feel it!

  2. #2 is my favorite...all my grandmother kept were receipts...every receipt from her entire life...would've loved to have had a find like this instead.. I love what you've gathered! xo