Monday, April 11, 2011

Bikes, blossoms and rowdy boys acting composed

this past weekend our dear friends got married.
we rode in a 45 person bike procession from the
ceremony to the reception. their tandem bike was
tied with a string of beer cans and a cardboard
sign reading, "just married"...
i could not resist the blossoms and the photos of
rowdy boys pretending to be good.
all in all a good sat. and a chance to give some
extra love to a sweet couple of friends.

(just married bike)

(see how naughty they are, pretending!!)

(they got married in this amazing cafe)


  1. so so lovely!
    a 45 person bike beautiful must that have been.

    and those blossoms are seriously incredible!

  2. fantastic! all of this (and those blooms make me swoon)

  3. so so so beautiful - thanks for sharing love!


  4. beautiful, serene, still. thank you.

  5. Such a lovely wedding! What a beautiful day, a site to see. Thanks for sharing Jen, your photos are spirit filled...they take me there!