Sunday, July 25, 2010

What has been going on..

The last month. Oh, the last month.....I almost lost someone incredibly dear to me in an act of violence. My foundation was shaken and my way of navigating in the world is different, changed. I am beside myself with joy that my loved one is alive and moving through her days strong and brave.

Tonight we decided to camp outside. It was the most excited I have been about something in quite a few days. Sometimes, it is just like that something small to shift everything.

(that is my parents above--pretty excited about life on their last visit)

writing desk

allium in the garden
little white shorts perfect for summer nights
my studio and her sunflowers
my view from a soft spot in the grass
plums (almost ready)
our home for the evening


  1. Glad to know that things are getting better. Nice way to spend a weekend! and those plums look like they are gonna be GOOD

  2. what a happy visit; how good it is to drink summer in with all our senses. i love the internet that brings us together and look forward to the actual in person variety too. xo

  3. Now that I know the background of the story...the picture of your mom jumping makes me smile from ear to ear...what happiness jumps from that shot! oxo

  4. your mom is so beautiful, just like you... i am grateful she is here. i know you have been through so much... i am so sorry. i wish for you much love & light.
    also wishing you were near so i could bake the best chocolate cake ever and share it with you along with a bottle of wine.

  5. i love the spirit in your leaping joyful parents; misty is right, she is beautiful, so much of her beauty is reflected in you. and your lovely yard and studio - i can see why you were blinded by anything but that, charming. i can't wait to come and visit you there - next month?!! sending you loveliness in each breath in and exhale out - life is good!