Sunday, June 6, 2010

beautiful mess

rescued from a house about to be torn down.
these have stories i will never know.
over 100 year old bus ticket stubs, half eaten hats, love letters
and now it is all left behind. i think it is my turn to give light to
these old things. my friends took some things home too. giving
them a new purpose. 100 years later, i wonder where they will
all go? how many life times of stories will they hold?

i have a lot going on over here. new projects in the works.
exciting changes. something new to report, but not just yet.
feeling ready to take african dance lessons again. realizing
how fast time goes, it makes we want to do things. wild things.
tell new stories.


  1. i will never forget that day, pulling old memories that belong to another out, one at a time, us squealing when we found something we loved and wanted to give a new life... in our black gloves... lol.
    i love how you captured these treasures... tonight i went back and took out a lamp shade and took the fabric off, i think i will use it for a hanging drying rack... ;)

  2. that is some kind of magic you girls have
    unearthed ~ a beautiful wonderment waiting
    for receiving hands and hearts that will
    honor those mysteries



  3. I love a beautiful mess. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment. I do thrive on critiques. They hinder me for awhile and then I get going, hopefully even stronger than before. I welcome the unfamiliar and I certainly want to change. All this being said I have really enjoyed visiting your blog. Beautiful photographs and peeks at some interesting work and gorgeous jewelry. YOu are wonderfully versatile! I will be back! Such a nice place you have created here!

  4. longing
    for a beautiful mess
    that's what I call
    this life...

    thank you for a beautiful visit,
    xox - eb.