Wednesday, August 12, 2009

the wind. the piano. the birds.

very close to us, an amazing new cafe opened up. i brought my cameras and took in the amazing visuals. new photo techniques.

the wind is blowing and i have the front door open.
 sounds from the woman playing the piano across the street are drifting over.
 birds, muffled. 
 a competition of melodies amongst the wind, the piano, the birds. 
all around me, a scene of romance.
 flowers and overheard conversations, a walk. dabbled sunlight, mist.  
tree branches and faded color. 
the wind. yes oh and of course, the wind.


  1. Being touched, listening, looking, feeling ... life in the present moment is always this fullness. Thank you for the reminder. xo

  2. ahhh, i almost feel like i am there, if only i could grab tight hold of the wind and ask it to take me where i can overhear a neighbor playing the piano, what one creating magic in her studio, and land in a bed of sunbathing flowers...i would find myself at your door... :)

  3. you are a poet... a beautiful poet.