Sunday, March 22, 2009

small ways

If anyone has ever read Tom Robbins books you may remember a question one of his characters i asks, "How do you make love stay?" I am not sure there is a simple answer for this or any other question involved in "making something stay". Life is just simply full of impermanence. Yet, I am wondering if finding true joy is something that can be made a little more permanent. I decided to start with the small things. 

Sunlight on sheets.

recently posted on one of my favorite blogs.

A poetry postcard exchange, 10 women artists, 90 days, a postcard a day. Can you imagine?

Inspiring places I visit.  

and , well what are you all finding? What joy's are leaking out into your life?


  1. I've got my first bundle of postcards ready to send out. Spring to Summer; a season of poetry. It's simply thrilling.

  2. Love can only stay
    in the heart invited.

  3. i can just imagine you at your little spot...sipping tea...candle blooming soon! sending love...mmmmmmmmmmmm! see you soon!

  4. Going out into the rain to buy seeds for heirloom tomatoes, find an unheard of plant of seedless Concord grapes and bringing it home to dream of an arbor to sit under with friends (and foes as well, if any), the puppies asleep on top of our bed snuggling to be closer to us every time we move. Love can only stay in secret gardens.

  5. I believe Love is a choice. By choosing to give it, it will always return. And the more I love, the more I find to love.

    Joy is the with joyful abandon and watch how others want to join in.

  6. i like to think of love like the seasons, there are times when it's in full bloom and times when it needs for some reason or other to lie dormant, allowing for growth...

    what joys are leaking into my life?
    listening to the horse feathers, old & new friends, rainy afternoons, small hands of dandelions, a cup of jasmine tea, your blog!