Monday, January 26, 2009

Light shining through the windows I sit and ponder, let the day soak in. Last night I dreamt I lost my love. In the moment it happened I said to myself that is why it is so important to really love well in each moment. He was gone and all I had was the moment before. It was devastating and I was so glad to wake up. 
   Oh, but a cherished day..each delicious second with my dear friend.  Writing letters, making art, walks......We just don't know. We figure we do, that we have it figured out....but it all is just a simple mystery. Wrapped with golden paper and streaks of sunlight~


  1. a mystery wrapped with golden paper and streaks of sunlight...
    beautiful poetry here.

    many blessings to you my friend. so glad we were able to touch base this evening...

  2. your blog is beautiful. your photos sensual. your poetry unravels me.

  3. A beautiful blog. Words and images that lingr through the day...............

  4. Oh, my beautiful daughter, I sit here reading your words with tears rolling down my cheeks. For so many years I have known, that you were a teacher, that you were a writer, that you were a wonderful, gifted, artist.
    You had to find your way on your own, I could light your way but I couldn't show you the path, you had to find it on your own.
    I am happy that you are winding your way down a path of new adventures. You continue to amaze me....
    I love you...MOMS

  5. Jen, your beautiful poetry is already spilling out of you! Thank you for sharing it and your lovely spirit. Come to the studio soon to play...
    Hugs to you today...