Friday, January 28, 2011


I know! It has been forever. I was not sure I wanted to blog anymore, not sure I wanted to spend too much time in front of the computer. Then, I decided I would strike a balance and save some time for art and craft, reading and walks and well, a blog post.

So, today, a felting project. Little icelandic wool rug. I ordered the wool from a farmer. It was so nice to work with. The process is easy, but very physical, so I am not quite done. I am posting a few of the in process photos and will show you the finished piece tomorrow!

In other news, I have been gearing up for trade shows and making new jewels. I have been exploring layering, asymmetry and the symbolic quality behind each piece. Tiny sculptural pieces for your neck.

There may be some big news for Paper Wings jewelry, but I am not ready to share yet, since I am not sure if it will actually unfold. We are keeping fingers and toes crossed.

Hope there is still a few of you out there to read this. Sorry I was gone so long, but I am back.


  1. Wow, this process is lovely - layering the wool and then I assume abraiding it somehow. It's going to be gorgeous and you are going to have added upper body strengh - lol.

    ps Have been wearing the earrings everywhere. Your jewelry is exquisite. EVERYBODY comments and loves it.

  2. love seeing you here in this spot again.
    and the rug looks so awesome...
    and the necklace!!! can't wait to see your new designs.


  3. Fingers, toes, legs, arms....I've had everything crossed for the new banner and of course, the necklace! xo

  4. Hi, I'm a first time visitor to your blog. And have to say, it's good that you don't stop blogging! Love the asthaethic of your blog! And will come back for sure.

  5. Hi Scintilla/Spark,
    your blog is very beautiful, your pictures too...
    nice to meet you, I'm Scintilla/Spark too...

  6. pretty photos here