Sunday, March 14, 2010

Where I have been.

Well, I moved into a new studio for my jewelry design business. I am so happy to be working away from home. I never thought I would say that! It has been so good though. There is something to be said for separating work from home. As things have been going, it seems that my business has a mind of it's own, it wants growth. Big changes are on the horizon, but it is too early to tell you.....I will let you in on the secret when I know more. Until then, I let you into my studio for a few peeks. The old wood makes everything so warm and amazing. I love it.

How are you all doing out there?

Oh, if you want to have a look at what I have been making, here you go!



  1. I love the second picture because I get to see a good look at the tools of your trade. I love it!!

  2. loving this peek into your studio!

  3. It's beautiful! I am go excited for all that is's really good. (oh, and I went and looked at all of the collections photos on the website last night...LOVE it all..and really like how the gold incorporates with everything so perfectly)xo

  4. All of it soooo good. Counting the days now. Your photographs are beautiful. xo

  5. Oh to see in the window of your world ~ it has always touched my heart. I am so happy for your space and growth. May they in equal turns offer you joy and balance as the days move along...
    I love you and all you do!

  6. I love getting this peek at the place where your creative energy swirls around you picking up the tails of those balls of string and that delicate pretty. That blue! Yum!!
    I, too, am counting the days....


  7. soooo very dreamy and lovely and YOU! i love it and love how it feels from must be so much even more lovely in person. so happy for you..
    i am counting down the days, too.....sooo excited.

  8. love this peek into your new creative space. so lovely! the colors of the walls are much goodness is happening for you. i love this.

    sending light and love...

  9. you are :-)

    counting too...down, down, .....

  10. what a lovely space... and your jewelry makes my heart beat, a sweet tune. sigh.

  11. so are you? i've missed you! mmmmmm!