Saturday, August 1, 2009


  • in progress works of art
  • garden adventure
  • the broccoli is growing.....if i was a fairie, i would make my home on that leaf, and wash my face with that drop of water

what are you up to?
around here many things changing. jewelry making has hit it's all time high. can i keep up? hiring a sweet lady to come and help for a time. perhaps a long time. i had a huge blessing bestowed upon me this week from the MOMA in San Francisco. I cried out of sheer gratitude, delight and the magic of this creative life.

i have been exploring blogs these days and have found some amazing people. wanna see? look here and here and a little more later. i will know i have really found something if my blogger friends have not seen it, they are mostly real pro's and already know the good stuff. we will see! this eve my fellow wants a little help with his c.d cover photographs, he is creating a world down in the basement you would not believe! someday i will show you and you will understand. sweetest of days to you~


  1. i love the thought of you as a fairy, washing your face with the pearly drop of dew.
    beautiful photos & wonderful news... i can feel your excitement and gratitude!
    me? i have been splashing in the rain, dancing, and loving life... there is magic everywhere.

  2. Okay, I've just added two more blogs to my bloglines (lol) - especially love Urban Weeds because I seldom cook but in the future I want that to change.

    I'm so glad to read about your mysterious basement project with the fellow; it conjures up all sorts of mad scientist scenarios with amazing sounds and colors and lights - two inspired artists gliding along on a shared vision. Magic abounds.

  3. hello my dear fairy friend,
    wonderful links - love them, thank you for sharing :-) i feel so honored to have had a glimse of your fella's creative world, cover, cd......wonderful.
    such joyous news, your garden and your livelihood both going gangbusters, magic makers and givers. xo

  4. I'm so glad that you gave me your blog address - finding you here is wonderful. I'm thrilled to hear about MOMA and to know that you're doing so well with the jewelry that you need to hire help. Your work is so stunning, I'm glad that more and more people will have exposure to it. See you 'round Portland, I suppose!

  5. oh i want to come visit you my fairie friend as you bathe in that droplet and soak up the earth...

    i can hear your voice when i read this post and as i am so very far away, it is a real blessing to hear you in this moment...