Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sketches and Wonderings

As I wander back into life here in Portland, all around me looks different.
3 weeks alone served me well.
New perspective, new ways of seeing.
Sometimes, I look around in my home, my studio, my life and the colors
all seem dull. How does this happen? What changes when one leaves and returns? Now
I look around and all I see vibrates with radiance and beauty.
I am really wondering about the creative process lately and what goes on in other artists
lives. How do they walk through their struggles and stuck places?
A brilliant artist friend of mine has been doing photo interviews on her
blog and I love this idea. I love the idea of creating dialogue with another person
we may never get to meet. One sometimes forgets that they are not the only one trying to make
their way in the world. So, I am thinking about a few souls who may assist me with a series of interviews on the creative process. I listened to an inspiring talk here
with Elizabeth Gilbert author of "Eat, Pray, Love" on nurturing creativity. It is worth listening to if you are serious about making art and want some darn good advice.
I will ponder and see what unfolds.

PS. I  have changed my blog title and name as you see. Yes, because being new to the blog world I recently discovered that another beautiful artist/blogger has titled a series of workshops she created, "Unravelling". Out of respect to her and just plain old wanting to be original I have shape-shifted into a new name. It suits me I think.

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  1. It is very interesting to hear or read how an artist they find inspiration, choose a certain direction, break through a creative wall and then create, create, create!

    For me, just working on something, anything, will get my mind working.It's that first step in painting or picking up my camera. Visiting old sketchbooks helps because there are past ideas that were put on a dusty of shelf in my brain that might catch my interest in a new way. Reading a good book, the kind that has me delving into its pages every spare moment or into the wee hours.

    What has you inspired, seeing in a new way?