Wednesday, April 22, 2009


  • self portrait wednesday
  • a sharing of a collection of my art. photographs. a story.
  • ready to begin a new series of art. and  new jewelry designs.
  • successful San Fran. MOMA trip. many kind souls and some sold out earrings.
  • grateful.  rich. full. learning that standing in my power is the way i navigate best.
  • listening to
  • inviting you to share what inspires


  1. such beauty,grace, and tranquility in these photos. i saw something fairy-like today and immediately thought of you - i'm so happy to hear your SF trip was such a success, of course it would be, you and your art are exquisite.

  2. oh my goodness . love this post
    the photos are wondrous; i want to reach in and touch the texture of them. the one with the white (scarf?) trailing behind you is magic.

    and the little snippets of you posted are so delightful. i am listening to madredeus right now..beautiful.

    right now, i can't help but be inspired by spring's blossoms. such hope and goodness and what is real seems to rest in those blooms.


  3. these photos are amazing! i love them! did you take them with your new camera? whoa!!!

    oh, what is inspiring me? goodness, i feel like i am spinning with inspiration lately, from spending time new friends, to the birth of a new season, to the simple things like a cup of tea... it's all so much to be grateful for and i truly am.

  4. wow....amazing again !

    and seems to explode this time of year !!

  5. Inspiration:

    blogs - quiet time listening to the birds sing - watching gorgeous music videos on you tube - the way my daughter can create a game out of nothing at all - discovering a new author -